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Monday, April 09, 2012

Don't Miss This One: Stephen Krashen at Occupy the DOE

Stephen Krashen is the funniest, most entertaining, and most knowledgeable educator/researcher that the University of Southern California can brag about.  If you have not heard Stephen make his case, brew up a cup of tea and check this out.

Watch live streaming video from califather at livestream.com

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  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    GOD BLESS STEPHEN KRASHEN!!!!! Please Stephen... Please run for President.

    I watched this brilliant presentation in my classroom both after school and during my lunch break. I howled with laughter at least a dozen times. I will watch it a few more times I am sure. You Sir, are not only utterly brilliant, you are a comedian of the highest order. Please continue to speak. Speak louder and speak more often. Your messsage is spreading, and it is resonating.
    I ADORE your writing and regularly refer to and quote your books, articles, and email updates. When you actually speak, however, it's all of the outstanding information delivered Jimmy Kimmel-style. PRICELESS. I repeatedly laugh uproarously while internally weeping over the truth you speak. (Example: "NCLB is going to look like 'The Golden Age' complared to what they have in mind now.") THis is my 22nd year of teaching (18 of those with extremely poor students), and I increasingly feel that this must ALL be an elaborate hoax and that someone is going to pop out and announce that every teacher in the nation is on Candid Camera. The absurdity of what is taking place in teaching is staggering.
    God bless you Sir. Please continue stepping in front of a microphone as often as you possibly can. I know you have other places you could be, but America's teachers and children need you.

    Thank you also for turning us all onto Susan Ohanian--a fellow warrior in the defense of over-drilled students and exhausted teachers.

    PS: How TRAGIC is it that I feel I must post this anonymously for fear of retribution in my public school workplace?