"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Friday, August 17, 2012

Public Education Being Set on Fire

Colleges of education can no longer hide the truth about what's in store for future public school teachers.

Barbara Madeloni at UMASS Amherst led the fight against Pearson but the corporate control over schools of education continues. Who will want to teach in the new Walmart version of education?

A Student and Future Teacher’s Voice about “Teachers Rock”

I don’t know if I’ll be able to go into a full length post about “Teachers Rock” at the moment, for my mind is still trying to keep itself together. But, for right now, I will say I am incredibly saddened this is happening, and that so many are being fooled into believing this is something positive.
Of course I am going to keep battling on to work towards a better world, a place for educational equity…but I have to be honest, I am heavily discouraged right now. When people\current teachers would tell me, “I can’t believe you’re still going to be a teacher,” or when I’d receive e-mails and messages saying, “Do not go into the teaching field,” I never understood. Now I’m seeing why.
For the first time, I am struggling to get out of this idea that I have no chance against these big organizations that are able to keep flourishing and damaging our education system. Public education is being set on fire, and it is so sad how many people are just watching it burn and are absolutely ok with it. This just isn’t fair, it isn’t moral, and it makes me sick. It is not fair how many students of not only today but of our future are going to receive the impact from these constant attacks.
I know this doesn’t tell much about my reasoning why, but I just had to express my genuine feelings at the moment. I rarely get all touchy-feely-I-have-emotions-and-stuff on here, but I feel this is absolutely necessary.
Keep fighting on,


  1. At my best I think: I do not do this because I think we will be successful in my lifetime. I do this because it is how to live.

    Chris Hedges keeps me honest this way, and the multitude of people through history and right now who stand up, speak out, join together in the struggle.