"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Schools Matter 2013 Awards

Most Unconvincing Ideologue In the Role as Scholar
Chester Finn

Most Flagrant Political Organization Posing as a Legitimate Research Association

Lifetime Achievement Award
Deborah Meier

Self-Aggrandizement Award 2013 (tie)
David Coleman
Michelle Rhee

Education Book of the Year
The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

Biggest Corporate Losers of the Year

Most Dangerous Pseudo-Science Title
How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

Most unread Twitter posts
Larry Ferlazzo

Most Wasted Time on Twitter
Ken Libby

Least Criticized "reigns of error"
AFT's Weingarten and NEA's Van Roekel

Most self-congratulations in a single blog post
Ken Bernstein

Most un-appreciated real education news outlet
Substance News

Most ethically-compromised ed leadership graduates
Broad Foundation

Most promising education dean
Tim Slekar

Least avoidable plague
Gates Foundation

Most celebrated political retirement
Mike Bloomberg

Most promising new mayor
Bill de Blasio

Most Missed Education Warrior
Gerald Bracey

Best blogger
Bruce Baker

Most traitorous union leader
Paul Toner

Science Fiction Award
Barnett Berry for Teaching 2030

Most poisonous brand name
Teach for America

Most hated CorpEd reform (tie)
Common Core

Most likely to be sued
States and LEAs using VAM to evaluate teachers

Imminent Sunset Award
KIPP, Inc.

Education Writer Award
Susan Ohanian

Emerging Leader Award
Jay Saper

Most Harm by an Individual Achievement Award
Kevin Huffman

Segregation Award
City of Memphis and Shelby County

School Board Member of the Year
Amy Frogge, Nashville Metro

Education Research Corruption Award

Teacher Courage Award
Lauren Hopson, Halls Elementary, Knox County, TN
Garfield High School Faculty, Seattle, WA

Most Corrupt State Politician (tie)
John Deberry (D) Memphis
Tony Bennett (TP) Indiana/Florida/Indiana

Most Corrupt Politician on National Stage
Jeb Bush

Courageous Student Award
Malala Yousafi

Best Education Reporter, Past or Present
Michael Winerip, NYT

Worst Education Reporter
Lyndsey Layton, WAPO

Most Outrageous Education Editorials
New York Times

Most Irrelevant Education Reporter
Jay Mathews

Best Model for National Union Movement
Chicago Teachers Union

Most Prolific Education Writer
Paul Thomas

Most Influential Education Org
United Opt Out National

Best New Schools Matter Blogger
Doug Martin

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