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Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Will New Jersey's Universal Pre-K Look Like?

Universal pre-K is a no brainer when it comes to providing children with a good start.  Then again, brains appear to be in short supply here in New Jersey as voters swept a corrupt Christie administration into office AGAIN.  His record and polices that have hurt just about everyone in the state is as clear as the view from the George Washington Bridge on a sunny day. 

While Christie and his cronies in Trenton hide out from the media, lawyers and the public, Barbara Buono's legislation on school funding reform is making its way to the legislature and getting some serious attention, FINALLY.

The question that needs asking isn't whether universal pre-K is a good idea, the question is what will that pre-k education look like. The Abbott districts and the lucky few could be a model for the state but who will the contracts and the money go to?

As our governor would say, "It's none of your business."

Excerpt from the article at The American Prospect
The Abbott Districts' Fortunate Few, New Jersey's Model Program.
"The bigger hope, of course, is that all the kids will get the help they need, beginning with good preschool. On this front, too, there is some promise. Although Democratic state Senator Barbara Buono, who authored New Jersey’s School Funding Reform Act and campaigned for governor in 2013 on the idea of expanding the state’s preschool program, lost her bid to replace Christie, the effort to provide more needy children with preschool has been recently renewed. Advocates for Children in New Jersey, a group that was involved in the creation of Abbott preschool, just relaunched a campaign to convince the governor and legislature to fully fund preschool for all low-income children." 

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