"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Really? Do We Really Want Experienced Teachers to Resign

How many more experienced, professional educators will submit their letters of resignation before Washington and the State Legislatures stop catering to the monied interests intent on destroying any meaningful and real education for the next generation? Haven't we already documented extensively through research and blogging how damaging the current corporate education reform movement is to the nation;s future and a democratic republic?
Dear Administrators, Superintendent, et al.:
This is my official resignation letter from my English teaching position.
I’m sad to be leaving a place that has meant so much to me. This was my first teaching job. For eleven years I taught in these classrooms, I walked these halls, and I befriended colleagues, students, and parents alike. This school became part of my family, and I will be forever connected to this community for that reason.
I am grateful for having had the opportunity to serve my community as a teacher. I met the most incredible people here. I am forever changed by my brilliant and compassionate colleagues and the incredible students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching.
I know I have made a difference in the lives of my students, just as they have irrevocably changed mine. Teaching is the most rewarding job I have ever had. That is why I am sad to leave the profession I love.
Those who can teach, teach under 

Dear Administrators, Superintendent, et al.:

Even though I am primarily leaving to be closer to my family, if my family were in Colorado, I would not be able to continue teaching here. As a newly single mom, I cannot live in this community on the salary I make as a teacher. With the effects of the pay freeze still lingering and Colorado having one of the lowest yearly teaching salaries in the nation, it has become financially impossible for me to teach in this state.
Along with the salary issue, ethically, I can no longer work in an educational system that is spiraling downwards while it purports to improve the education of our children.

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  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    This is what is happening in my city and no doubt, my state. The numbers of teachers retiring and leaving moves up by at least 30 openings a day. ERB is so backed up that they will not clear those retiring until late July, meaning these numbers will soar to unprecedented levels. I will be amongst them next May, I'm done. It will be 25 years for me. I'm leaving a job I loved and would have stayed another five years. Just can't, it's too abusive. My heart aches. http://www.aps.edu/jobs/jobs/job-listings