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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Email the Indiana State Board of Ed: Another Power Grab in the Works

by Doug Martin

Once again, former conservative radio show host/free-market Christian/current Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his corporate theocrats on the State Board of Education (made up of Koch Brothers-connected Indiana Policy Review Foundation fake scholars, former Christel DeHaan operatives, and hedge fund Democrats, among others) are seeking to strip supt. of public schools Glenda Ritz of more power.

The ISTA recently noted that the "board will propose dramatic new board procedures through approving a resolution that will form a one-time, ad hoc committee that will approve the new measures intended to cut into the Superintendent’s traditional role as Chair."

The meeting where this resolution will be proposed is tomorrow, July 9, in Indianapolis. It begins at 9am at the Indiana Government Center South, Conference Room B, on 302 W. Washington Street.

If you cannot attend, please email the following members of the state board of ed. and let them know that we have had enough of the Heist:

Dr. Brad Oliver - brad4education@gmail.com
Dr. David Freitas - drdavidfreitas@comcast.net
Daniel Elsener - delsener@marian.edu
Cari Whicker - cwhicker@hccsc.k12.in.us
Sarah O’Brien - sobrien4cd@yahoo.com
Andrea Neal - aneal@inpolicy.org

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