"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TURNcoat, Mary Ricker, to Serve as Exec VP for Weingarten

With Ricker's election, Weingarten, Gates, and Broad are building the next generation of misleaders.  Google "TURNcoats" and "AFT" and you will get the links to understand what I'm talking about.

You might start here.

Principal Members are the primary liaisons & spokespersons
for each local in matters related to the Teacher Union Reform Network.

Name Title Organization
Kevin Ahern President Syracuse Teachers Association
Tom Alves Executive Director San Juan Teachers Association
Karen Aronowitz President United Teachers of Dade
Ellen Bernstein President Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Kathleen Casasa President and NE TURN Coordinator Portland Public Schools
Chris Colbath-Hess President Cambridge Teachers Association
Melissa Cropper President Ohio Federation of Teachers
Kerrie Dallman President Jefferson County Education Association
A.J. Duffy President United Teachers Los Angeles
Nina Esposito-Vigitas Vice-President Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers
Dan Ford President Springfield Education Association
Jim Forrester President Decatur Education Association
Ken Foster Exec. Director Memphis Education Assoc.
Abigail Garcia President AMU
Suzanne Graff President Castaic Teachers Association
Kenneth Haines President Prince George County Educators Assoc.
Michael Hairston President Fairfax Education Association
Rhonda Johnson President Columbus Education Association
Dennis Kelly President San Francisco Unified
Leslie Littman President Hart District Teachers Association
Maureen Logan Regional Coordinator Northeast TURN
Carole Magnuson President Newhall Teachers Association
Michael Mulgrew President United Federation of Teachers
Mike Noce President Mt Diablo Education Association
Lynn Nordgren President Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Joan Oxman President Saugus Teachers Association
Doug Prouty President Montgomery County Education Association
David Quolke President Cleveland Teachers Union
Mary Cathryn Ricker President St. Paul Federation of Teachers
Deborah Rocha President Saugus Teachers̢۪ Association
Henry Roman President Denver Classroom Teachers Assoc.
Tim Ruyle Association Rep. Springfield (IL) Education Association
David Schutten President Organization of DeKalb Educators
Julie Sellers President Cincinnati Public Schools
Brenda Smith President Douglas County Federation of Teachers
Steven Smith President Providence Teachers Union
Richard Stutman President Boston Teachers Union
Adam Urbanski President Rochester Teachers Association

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