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Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Jersey's Hedge Fund Guru In Indiana

By Doug Martin

Even though New Jersey hedge fund guru Sean Fieler likes to fight gay-marriage equality and women’s reproductive rights on the national arena, he spends a good deal of his leisure time buying Indiana politicians. 

Fielder is a big honcho in the school privatization movement in the Hoosier state, although you will never hear a whisper about him in the papers.
Here is the nitty-gritty:

On September 21, 2012, hedge fund manager Sean Fieler tossed district 30 Republican Mike Karickhoff $15,000 (page 10)for his campaign.  

A few days earlier, Fieler dished out another $15,000 to rightwing Alan Morrison, the handful house rep. from district 42 in central Indiana.  

In October of 2012, Fieler gave the Indiana House Republican Campaign Committee $15,000.

These politicians above have all played a role in school privatization in Indiana.  Both Morrison and Karickhoff are Walmart/DeVos lawmakers, Karickhoff having received $16,000 from the Hoosiers for Economic Growth Pac back in 2010 (see page 9).

And Fieler’s assault on Indiana public schools begins here.  Back in September 2010, Fieler gave $70,000 to the Walmart/Devos Hoosiers for Economic Growth PAC which owns education in our state, plain and simple.

Outlandishly, Sean Fieler and his wife have given over $187,000 to Republicans in Indiana, including anti-sign language lawmaker Cindy Noe (see Hoosier School Heist, note 101, page 182-183, for Noe’s role in the Indiana School for the Deaf scandal).

Fieler shares the same God as Mike Pence, so Fieler gave our governor $50,000 in campaign funding in 2011.

Unfortunately, Fieler only has an anonymous mention in Hoosier School Heist, but now I have seen the light.  If you live in the districts (see above) where Fieler has been gassing up the funding machine, as he enjoys his wealth in New Jersey heaven, vote every single one of these bought-and-sold politicians out come November.

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