"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Read Sean Crowley

The following was posted at SM as a comment to the Attacking Diane Ravitch? . . . post.  

It is by teacher, Sean Crowley, who blogs at B-LoEdScene:

I think to take on St. Diane one must truly be uninvested in the business of advancing one's career outside of the classroom as a blogger, union hanger on, teacher book writer or any of the various forms of Celebucators we now see in this desperate scramble to cash in on the time spent as a classroom teacher. We have Teachers Speaking, we have Diontes Infernoing, we have BATS flapping and Schneider Schneidering her own with the best of them. It has come to me that none of our high profile Edufrontrunners are willing to call Ravitch out because they fear she or her minions could torpedo their book deal, union gig or spot on The Daily Show. 

After the putrid showings of NEA and AFT, electing another President who can't get over her Gatescrush and wagging a lawyerly finger at Arne Duncan -- I know people think Weingarten was a teacher but she's never been anything but a lawyer -- these self serving, Gates adoring Vichy Quisling union "leaders" have spit in the faces of their constituency yet again. If you listen to the only surviving union leader in captivity, that rare flower blooming in the manure fields of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago, she will tell you what makes CTU work. It's member driven. It's member driven. It's member driven. Period. NEA and AFT are contemptuous of their members. At AFT's convention it was noted by another eyes-wide-open member of CTU that teachers spoke against Common Core while Union insiders and "leadership" spoke in favor of it. What exactly is Diane Ravitch waiting for before she will acknowledge the turncoat elephant in the room and admit that our two biggest unions have abandoned us and are under the sheets with Gates, Murdoch, Koch, Blooomberg and anyone else with a checkbook who can fatten it by putting the wood to rank and file teachers? Why does she insist that we support these "leaders" who have done nothing but sell teachers out and shove us under the bus at every single turn? 

I aspire to last until retirement. I have no hopes for a book deal and aside from my mother I think I have about 4 readers of my blog. My local union is infested with slugs looking to worm their way into any gig that will cut down on their teaching time, my President did not even know what TFA was when the local paper asked his thoughts on welcoming them to our district. I am purely disinterested as it gets and I say it's time for Diane to do something courageous and call our union leadership out for the disreputable and disgraceful collaborations they've engaged in at teacher expense. As I plan to live til retirement however I am not holding my breath. Thanks for hitting some notes nobody wants to go near.

This is my own piece from a while ago: http://b-loedscene.blogspot.com/2014/05/my-three-top-reasons-for-being-mean-to.html


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Sean as a respectable twenty-five percent of your readership, I extend my congratulations on your insistence in fighting the good fight. If I make it to retirement, it will require divine intervention. My level of expertise in the eyes of my many superiors dwindles from day to day. The AFT convention was a total sham. I have been sold out so many times I have lost count. Thanks to Jim Horn for his persistence.

  2. Thanks Mom but I thought you retired in 1972? Anyway, my hat is off to Jim Horn for his Quixotic courage in tilting at the sainted Windmill that is St. Diane. He had to know a Schneiderean napalming was headed his way for daring to speak against the anointed one but he said what had to be said, haters be damned. I have admired Dr. Schneider's broadsides against Weingarten in the past but this time she seems to be claiming her own rockstar status in dismissing Jim and anyone who thinks as he does simply by saying I know Diane you don't so shut up. That's just swell. This movement needs more people who will hit the high notes that make the comfortable uncomfortable and fewer keyboard Badasses who haven't set foot in a classroom since Clinton was in office if ever. A good brawl will never hurt this movement but simpering obeisance to a handful of demi gods will surely keep us from gaining any traction.