"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Friday, March 06, 2015

Support Legislation (SB975 and HB508) to Dismantle ASD

The following comment was offered by Karen Bracken to a post at TN Education Reports.
...The REAL agenda behind Charters is NOT to help poor children achieve academic success. That argument is just the window dressing so people cannot say no to them. At the end of the day the agenda is to privatize traditional public schools and eliminate those pesky old elected school boards. And when this happens parents will not only have NO CHOICE they will have NO VOICE. Just ask the parents in New Orleans. We need to stop the Voucher and Charter madness before it is too late. Chris Barbic of the ASD has been trained at the Broad Superintendent Academy (2001) Eli Broad believes that education should be run like a business and his academy trains its graduates on the art of privatizing our schools through Charters. Think about the bottom 5%. What happens when this years bottom 5% are moved to Charters….do they stop? No. There will ALWAYS be schools at the bottom 5% so it will just continue until the majority of our schools are transformed into Charters. Sen. Harper (SB975) and Rep. Mitchell (HB508) have a bill to shut down ASD and if we don’t accomplish anything of real substance this year we MUST get those two bills passed. Call your Rep and your Senator and ask them to support SB975 and HB508.


  1. Don't you think you should say what "ASD" refers to?

    1. Achievement School District, which is patterned after the Recovery School District of New Orleans. See: