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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Will Shelby County Commission Oppose Charter Schools?

The Shelby County Commissioners voted recently to oppose the voucher bills that are chasing each other through the TN state legislature this year.  They are concerned, they say, about the $70 million in public ed dollars that would be lost as students attend private schools with their $5,000 per child vouchers.

There has to be another reason for the opposition.  If the Commission was concerned about the financial integrity of the public school system, why have they not already passed a resolution against charter schools?

 After all, Shelby County already has approximately 18,000 students in charter schools now.  At $9,000 per child, that's $162,000,000 per year in public dollars going to privately-managed corporate charter schools.  By next year, we could see that number go over $200 million.  

Which Commissioner's hair is on fire about that hole in funding donut??

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