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Saturday, February 11, 2017

FL KIPP Gets Its Own State Appropriations Bill

KIPP Jacksonville has remained at the bottom of the testing performance barrel since opening at a donated kennel club in 2010.  Despite a brutal "no excuses" regimen with 10-hour days and a medium security penal discipline system that grinds up both teachers and students, KIPP Jacksonville earned another "D" this year in the state assessment system.  

If this KIPP were a public school in Florida with the same performance history, it would have a target on its back for charter conversion.  But since KIPP has already reached the permanent safe harbor protection of the corporate welfare system, Jacksonville elites know the direct route to getting even more money for what doesn't work.  

Thus, one of Jacksonville high rollers has offered a bill written just for this one KIPP, which is expected to sail through the Florida legislature, which guarantees KIPP $1.2 million additional state dollars to fortify the cultural sterilization program that is KIPP's raison d'etre:
The bill, filed by Jacksonville Republican Jason Fischer (a former member of the Duval County School Board), seeks to continue the $1,224,000 appropriation from the previous budget to benefit Jacksonville’s KIPP school.

HB 2787 is well-positioned to succeed: Jacksonville powerbroker Gary Chartrand, a member of the local KIPP school’s Board of Directors, is close with Gov. Scott and is on the State Board of Education. . . .

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  1. Karen Bracken9:47 AM

    This school only remains open because parents continue to send their children. No kids. No KIPP school. Time to STARVE THE BEAST.