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Friday, February 24, 2017

Marsha Blackburn Contracts Trump Lying Virus

Despite the fact that Marsha Blackburn comes across as a Southern version of Sarah Palin (without the charm or intellect), some very creative gerrymandering of the 7th Congressional District in Tennessee has made Blackburn's seat in Congress safe, at least for now.

Like many Republican (and Dem) Congressional reps home for the first time after capitulating principles in favor of Trumpism, Blackburn faced many boos and some tough questioning at her town hall this week in Fairview, a hamlet just west of Nashville.

Following the lead lie by her boss, Trump, about townhalls packed with non-constituents, Blackburn followed suit Wednesday night when she told CNN:
“A little bit less than one-third in the room were actually very (sic) constituents of mine,” the Brentwood Republican told interviewer Anderson Cooper, according to a transcript of the show.

“We had a couple – several that identified themselves as from being outside of the district, a couple from Nashville, one from Murfreesboro,” Blackburn said.
Apparently, Blackburn has forgotten that her district runs from the Kentucky to the Alabama state line and as far west as the white eastern suburbs of Memphis.  If she bothered to host town halls where her constituents live, folks would not have to drive across the state to get their questions answered.  

Or maybe Blackburn did not know that Fairview's mayor polled the crowd prior to her arrival, and found that almost every soul at the town hall was from Blackburn's district.  Or maybe Blackburn has contracted the insidious and highly-contagious lying bug that Trump and Bannon brought to DC a month ago.

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