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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

White Male Protestant Elites Can No Longer Afford Democratic Values

I have believed for some years that the American Republic would be safe only so long as white, male Protestant elites continued to believe they had enough influence and support to win elections.  

During the 2016 presidential campaign, authoritarian intellectual, Michael Anton concluded in a widely-read essay that immigration policy, changing demographics, and majority American values have made it clear that white conservatives can no longer afford to lose an election.  From New York Magazine:
The most intellectually important essay of the 2016 election cycle, and possibly of the whole political era that has begun, is “The Flight 93 Election.” Its previously anonymous author turns out to be former Bush administration speechwriter Michael Anton, reports Michael Warren. Anton is now working as a senior national security official in the Trump administration. Anton’s role in the administration lends his signature essay all the more importance as a statement of Trumpism. The essay has many interesting aspects, which made it the subject of fervent debate during the election. But its most notable characteristic is its almost textbook justification for authoritarianism. 
The premise of democracy is that — unlike dictatorships, in which the winning side gains total and essentially permanent power — the losers can accept defeat, because they know they have a chance to win subsequent elections. Without that predicate in place, the system collapses. Anton’s essay makes the case that conservatives should support Trump because, despite his manifest flaws, they cannot survive a single election defeat.
If white conservatives, white nationalists, and white supremacists no longer have the numbers to win elections, obviously this long-held tradition of American society must be curtailed, discontinued, or controlled.  Sort of like elections are done in Russia, you might say. 

The author of this essay, Michael Anton, is now working for the Trump White House, and he is a chum of Steve (Bad Otis) Bannon.  

Look for voter suppression, deportation, and violence against minorities to become a chief priorities at the federal level.  It just makes sense, you see.


  1. These are scary times indeed. Come on rise up!

  2. It also makes sense that Betsy has been voted in to demolish the USDE and sell off the parts to the States, Large Banks, Hedgers and ed techs. It is clearly obvious to me that Trump will commit his impeachable moment once the administration is in place for Mike Pence to run the White House. Trump won the gig and got his ego stroked, but Mike Pence is the real danger and the real President. Trump is getting paid royally to be the puppet in this scheme. It's all coming together and the ultra religious, ultra right wing movement has been waiting patiently for many years to take command. Every impeachable whack job from Trump on down is just as radical as the next. We are in for a rough 4 years.

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