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Sunday, January 21, 2018

MacArthur Money and Ravitch Magic

Diane Ravitch has gone the extra mile to promote the MacArthur Foundation's leadership role in the next phase of corporate education rephorm.  Earlier this year Diane served as a judge in the Foundation's $100 million giveaway to be rewarded to the most efficient social control education initiatives with the biggest economic benefit for the dystopian Silicon Valley social and economic engineers.

Impressed by the amount of money involved in the MacArthur Foundation's generosity for its own social and economic agenda, Diane gushed that "this is what real philanthropy looks like."

A few days ago Diane shared the news of the winner of the $100 million prize, minus any remarks about the negative impact that MacArthur's social steering has for public education, child welfare, and privacy.  In the comments following Diane's post, it is quite obvious that everyone is not a sanguine as Ravitch with regards to the MacArthur Foundation's push to design the next generation of public miseducation, while providing opportunities for generous tax incentives to corporations to do the dirty work.

The comments are worth reading.  A screen capture would be recommended, since it's possible that Ravitch will pull down the comments once people start to notice.  When one astute commenter noted that Diane has refused to criticize MacArthur's corporate agenda, even after she was made aware of it, she responded with an insult and the lamest of excuses.  Diane suggests that anyone who disagrees with the Foundation should go protest at MacArthur headquarters, rather than at her blog.

Besides, Diane says she cannot offer criticism of the Foundation, because she doesn't know anyone there with whom to lodge a complaint.  

Furthermore, Diane says, she is busy working her "magic" to bring other philanthropic whales to heel.  People like Eli Broad, whom Diane knows.  Very well.

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