"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Common Sense to Challenge "Scientifically-Based" Straitjacket?

I came across this release on a new book that sounds very interesting. Common sense to replace the straight-jacket definition of "scientifically-based?" I think so.

Debra Craig, teacher and author of 'Why Is the Teacher’s
Butt So Big?,' calls on parentsand teachers to join her
organizations, Better Understanding of Teaching & Testing
(B.U.T.T.) and it’s companion group Better Understanding
of Schools & Teachers(B.U.S.T) Both groups’ goal is to bring
common sense into public schools andeducation policy.
The first target: educate the public about No Child Left Behind and
eventually deconstruct this powerful legislation which reeks of
stupidity and is theantithesis of common sense.

(PRWEB) October 18, 2005 -- Despite the unusual acronyms
of her organizations,Debra Craigis serious about improving
public schools. She has created these two organizations, B.U.T.T.
and B.U.S.T., in hopes of creating attention about the
problems with public schools and finding realways of making
them better. This former kindergarten teacher hopes her
efforts will become the touchstone of a new education
revolution in America. She wants to do this by forgetting
what “scientifically-basedresearch says,” but instead, do what
common sense dictates.

“If you notice, I am careful not to say our goal is putting common
sense 'back intoschools'because I wonder how much common
sense has ever been a part of publiceducation,” adds
this eight-year teaching veteran.

“Teachers are supposedly educated and politicians act like
they are smart. Why then doschools continue questionable practices
like 'journal writing' and live in fear of thegovernment’s
nonsensical educational policy, NCLB, which is clueless about the reality
of students?” asks the organization’s founder Debra Craig.

Debra’s recently released book, Why Is the Teacher’s Butt So
Big?, looks at 111 mysteriesor things she hasn’t been able to
figure out about public schools. Some of her “mysteries”
include issues on money and public schools, education’s love
affair with homework, andteachers skewed views on grading.
However, this Southern California high school teacher
saves her biggest criticism for the No Child Left Behind Act
which sets out to close the achievement gap between
Caucasians/Asians and African Americans/Hispanics.

“The achievement gap has closed very little in the state of
California despite the diligent efforts of public schools
these last four years. Maybe now will the government believe
it isn’t all about blaming the teachers and schools?” says Debra.
“Plus it’s absurd that thegovernment puts no responsibility on
the students and parents for their own academicsuccess.”

Currently, Debra is the teacher in an on-campus suspension
class in a low socio-economic school in Moreno Valley, California,
a city 60 miles east of Los Angeles. The title of her
book refers to a real comment made by a kindergartner to
another student on her firstday of teaching.

Debra is scheduling media appearances and interviews to
discuss her newly-formedorganizations and recently published
book. Her book is available at Amazon.com and
http://www.debracraig.com. Please contact her at (951) 247-6980.

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