"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Does Stupidification of Schools Serve a Greater Purpose?

Passed to me by Judy Rabin, here is an important piece by Doug Soderstrom that appeared Monday at CommonDreams.org. In a time when the stupidification of children has been given national priority by the corporate socialists and their puppets in Washington, this essay is particularly relevant. By the way, the difference between corporate socialists and national socialists is that the latter had an allegiance to a geographical boundary--the corporate socialists suffer no such nationalistic compunctions. Here is a clip:
Very few would disagree with the proposition that in Hitler’s Germany there was a determined effort to brainwash the people so they might support Mein Fuhrer’s efforts to conquer the world. However, what if one were to suggest that much the same is occurring in the United States of America, that there has been a determined effort through the socializing influence of our schools, the government, the mass media, the churches we attend, even that of our own parents, to pressure us into believing (just as Hitler) that our country has received the blessing of God, and because of this, we therefore have not only the right, but more importantly, through the use of military weapons, a divine responsibility to see that the world acquiesces to our needs and expectations. Just as Hitler in the 1930’s prepared his countrymen to accept the authoritarian control of the Nazi government, much the same may well be occurring in the United States. Just as Hitler indoctrinated his people to believe that Germany had the right to conquer the world, George Walker Bush “in the name of freedom and democracy” may well be doing the same (preparing the American people to support his administration’s imperialistic drive to dominate the world).

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