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Saturday, October 08, 2005

First Indictments in Houston Miracle Scandal

Below find some Houston Chronicle links to case. Poor Kenneth Cuadra. We can only hope that he is willing to spill the beans on the higher ups who ordered the changes. How high will it go?

Sharpstown computer technician Kenneth Cuadra was reassigned by HISD and docked two weeks' pay. He later resigned.
• Assistant Principal Robert Kimball: Letter of reprimand. Reassigned to Ashford Elementary School. After he sued, HISD paid him $90,000 and withdrew the reprimand.
• Assistant Principal Marmion Dambrino: Letter of reprimand. Reassigned to Westside High School.
• Assistant Principal Andrew Monzon: Letter of reprimand. Reassigned as a magnet coordinator.
• West District Superintendent Anne Patterson: Letter of reprimand.
• Principal Carol Wichmann: Docked two weeks' pay from her retirement.
TIMELINE• How the dropout scandal unfolded
FROM THE CHRONICLE'S ARCHIVES • Investigation finds Sharpstown had 'breakdown' 10/30/03
FROM HISD'S WEBSITE • Dropout prevention page

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