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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More NAEP Analysis

This from Monty Neill at FairTest. Fairtest's press release on the NAEP scores are here.

This weeks' Ed Week reports on the NAEP score release. (Ed Week now limits access to
the website and warns those who have access not to copy and disseminate.) A lot of the piece is varying political interpretations, mostly over changes in past 2 years-what they do or do not mean.

Perhaps the most interesting quote came at the very end, by Jack
Jennings of Center
on Ed Policy. Referring to NCLB, he noted that
2005 NAEP results do not "seem to be
a great leap forward. The
central issue is still, is this a proper approach to raise
achievement and to narrow the achievement gap? I don't see to
date the
evidence that it is, at least not in test results."

Of course, test results are almost all that matter in NCLB.

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