"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, February 18, 2006

American as Apple Strudel

While big brother is busy visiting Wendy's to pull another one over on America's working poor and unemployed by selling them medical savings accounts which they and the nation can't afford, little brother is busy trying to sidestep the Florida Supreme Court's voucher ruling. Is Jeb insinuating that justices on the Florida Supreme Court are un-American?

In the Orlando Sentinel news story, Jeb's inquiring mind wonders how he can get voters to see the equality and generosity in his education plan:

"How do we get voters to go along? Once a good campaign describes the fact that some people have choices already because they have the money to move to a better neighborhood or send their children to a private school and some people don't -- that's an un-American concept, in my opinion," Bush said.

Hmm... let's see, Jeb wants to know how they can get voters to go along. Perhaps we can help him. Oh, I know, make sure their public schools are failing, deplete them of funds and resources and test them to death. Who needs public schools in the new ownership society. Wait till you see what's in store with a $500 - $4,000 voucher towards the private school of your choice.

Those left behind in the under-funded decaying and overcrowded public schools -- not to worry, the Pentagon in hiring.

The roar of that giant sucking sound is getting louder. With big brother's proposed budget cuts, medical savings accounts (another tax break for the rich) and giveaways to the energy industry, state finances will be driven deeper into the ground -- leaving even less money for those un-American public schools. Opting out of NCLB will be the best bargain around - what will Maggie do with all that extra money? Oh yes, use it for the American Competitiveness Initiative to hire all those math and science teachers that will be competing for those great-paying jobs in the un-American, failing public schools. And, or course, let's not forget her little "enterprise" -- more tests.
During her first visit to South Carolina since she was sworn in as secretary in January 2005, Spellings discussed the American Competitiveness Initiative.

The project, which President Bush announced during his State of the Union address in January, would commit $380 million to improving the quality of math and science instruction in K-12 schools.
Spellings said other countries are "beginning to catch up" with the U.S. on scientific innovation, "and if we want to stay competitive and remain the world's leader and remain the world's innovator, we must pick up the pace."

To do this, America must close the achievement gap between the wealthy and poor "for good, and make opportunities available for every child," she said.

Spellings also commended South Carolina, saying the rest of the country should take cues from the state's rigorous student testing system.

"Tests can and should line our enterprise," she said, praising state Superintendent of Education


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  1. Hi Judy, I'm a science teacher from long island, and my students and i are working on a project called "Mr. Luna's Bright Idea" to give every child in america a compact fluorescent light bulb to help fight global warming, and save americans over $2.3 Billion in electric costs over the life of the bulbs. I'd like to ask for your help since you're concerned about schools. Thanks so much- kenny