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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Protect Network Neutrality

Dear Judy,

Our work is paying off: Monday's New York Times editorial page1 echoed Common Cause's call to action on net neutrality2, and legislation may be introduced soon in Congress to protect our freedom on the internet. Here's what the Times had to say:

"When you use the Internet today, your browser glides from one Web site to another, accessing all destinations with equal ease. That could change dramatically, however, if Internet service providers are allowed to tilt the playing field, giving preference to sites that pay them extra and penalizing those that don't. …Congress should protect access to the Internet in its current form."

Please add your name to our petition demanding strong net neutrality legislation. We need our representatives in Congress to know that there is widespread support for legislation that protects the democratic nature of the Internet and prohibits telecom companies from blocking, impeding or prioritizing any online content or services.


Earlier this month, Common Cause members sent tens of thousands of letters to the telecom execs and asked them to abide by net neutrality principles. But it's clear now that we need a law to protect the Internet from being privatized by Verizon, AT&T and other greedy media corporations. Here's more from the New York Times:

"The Senate held hearings last week on "network neutrality," the principle that I.S.P.s - the businesses like Verizon or Roadrunner that deliver the Internet to your computer - should not be able to stack the deck in this way. If the Internet is to remain free, and freely evolving, it is important that neutrality legislation be passed. …Some I.S.P.s are phone and cable companies that make large campaign contributions, and are used to getting their way in Washington. But Americans feel strongly about an open and free Internet. Net neutrality is an issue where the public interest can and should trump the special interests."

We need you to tell Congress to protect freedom and openness on the internet.


Thanks to each of you who has helped Common Cause become a leader in the fight to preserve internet freedom, and thanks for all you do to hold power accountable.


The Common Cause Media Reform Team
Celia Wexler, Lauren Coletta & Dawn Holian

P.S. Lobbyists for Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and other telecom giants are heading into the halls of Congress to enshrine their own plans in telecom legislation now being drafted in committee. We need to stop them. Please sign the petition supporting net neutrality: http://www.commoncause.org/ProtectNetNeutrality.

1 New York Times editorial
2 "Net neutrality" is the principle that you should be able to access any content or services on the Internet without interference from your Internet service providers

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