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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pataki and Corporate Welfare Schools

Hoping to curry favor in Washington for his fantasy of becoming President, Pataki continues the attack on public education by introducing a plan to increase the number of corporate welfare schools in the City. From the Times:
ALBANY, Feb. 7 — A new proposal by Gov. George E. Pataki would allow New York City to approve up to 50 of its own charter schools. If the plan is approved by the Legislature, it would give the city broad authority to decide who could operate the privately run but publicly financed schools.

The governor's proposal was part of a package of refinements to his budget proposals released yesterday and will be part of his budget negotiations with the Legislature.

Under the proposal, the city's schools' chancellor would have the ability to independently authorize charter schools in the city, giving the city the same power as those of the Board of Regents and State University of New York.

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