Saturday, February 16, 2008

Teachers Working Two Jobs to Make Ends Meet

From the Miami Herald:
When Randolph Chancy took a job with Miami-Dade County Public Schools last year, he expected teaching would be a labor of love.

But he wasn't prepared for just how much labor would be required.

For Chancy, the $38,000-a-year salary he collects from the district is not enough to make ends meet. So every day after school, the science teacher races to a pathology lab in Miami Lakes, where he works a second job as a lab technician.

''I'm a young, black male with a background in the sciences; I figured I could make a difference as a teacher,'' said Chancy, 30, a favorite among students at the Linda Lentin K-8 Center in North Miami. ``I just never thought it would be this hard.''

''It's crazy. It's all day, every day: Go! Go! Go!'' sighed Erin Hanson, a third-grade teacher at Sawgrass Elementary in Sunrise who also works two nights and Saturdays selling purses and accessories at the Kate Spade store in the Sawgrass Mills Shopping Center. ``You run yourself ragged.'' . . . .

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