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Friday, February 29, 2008

White House Special Assistant and Serial Plagiarizer, Timothy S. Goeglein, Busted on Education Piece for Hometown Paper

I got clued in on this from Think Progress, and when I went to the blogger who broke the story, it seems there are more and more examples turning up as web sleuths dig them out.

From Think Progress:
Yesterday in a column for The News-Sentinel, Timothy S. Goeglein — a special assistant to President Bush — referenced Eugene Rosenstock-Hussey, a former professor at Dartmouth College. Curious about the obscure reference, blogger Nancy Nall googled the name, only to find that full sections of Goeglein’s 16-paragraph essay were copied nearly word-for-word from a 10-year old Dartmouth Review essay by Jeffrey Hart. Confronted about the plagiarism, Goeglein told The Journal Gazette that “it is true” he copied Hart and that he is “entirely at fault.”
Scroll down here at Nancynall.com for updates on the thievery.

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