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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silver Proposes Continuation of Bloomberg's Educational Dictatorship

The gist from the New York Times:
. . . . Mr. Silver’s proposal includes several measures aimed at increasing transparency, by requiring, for instance, that the Department of Education’s data and finances be regularly audited. But it leaves largely untouched a key point of contention: the mayor’s power to appoint a majority of the central education board, known as the Panel for Educational Policy, and remove them at his pleasure.

. . . .

Another concern among critics of mayoral control has been bolstering the independence of panel members. Over the past seven years, the panel has become something of a rubber stamp for the mayor’s policies, having never rejected a proposal from Mr. Bloomberg.

Critics have pushed for fixed terms for panel members, a measure aimed at preventing the mayor from removing panelists who voice opposition to his proposals. But Mr. Silver’s plan maintains the requirement that panelists serve at the pleasure of the mayor.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    What a disapointment. This will just further stifle the innovation and debate we need in education. Nothing good will comes of this.