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Friday, June 19, 2009

U. S. News Blog Scrubs Negative Comments About CER

Even though U. S. News has been the only weekly news outfit to print anything about the CREDO study that undermines the entire rationale for Duncan's Race Over the Cliff charterizing strategy, this morning I could not help but posting a comment below the U.S. News blog piece reminding them that getting an unbiased and fact-based reaction on charter schools from the Jeanne Allen's Center for Education Reform is like getting a straight answer from the Washington Times about the shortcomings of the Moonies.

Anyway, the post was posted, but this afternoon is long gone. For the record, I kept a copy:
Thanks for carrying the news of this important peer-reviewed national study of over 2,400 charter schools. The criticism of the study that comes from Jeanne Allen's Center for Education Reform is typical of the fact-bashing that this charter/choice advocacy group produces regularly. With the following admission from their website, how could anyone consider them an unbiased source of information:

"The Center for Education Reform drives the creation of better educational opportunities for all children by leading parents, policymakers and the media in boldly advocating for school choice, advancing the charter school movement, and challenging the education establishment."

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