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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Truth About School Funding and Reform

Stimulus Funds Used to Close Achievement Gap in Conn. Schools
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Date: 06-26-2009
John Tulenko reports on how one school district in Connecticut is weathering the recession, and how the state is using stimulus funds to patch the budget.
On Friday evening, one of the few remaining news programs with any journalistic integrity, The MacNeil Lehrer Newshour, aired the real story on education stimulus and the potential for any type of meaningful reform.

The bottom line, there is no money for education. States across the country reeling from the economic depression are struggling to maintain the current level of education services and programs OR they are actually cutting teachers, programs, services and increasing class sizes.

The stimulus money is basically plugging up holes in what is a sinking ship especially in the poorest communities like Hartford Connecticut where any real progress that has been made is in serious danger.

Meanwhile, Arne Duncan and the education industrial complex is busy trying to find ways to increase the shareholder value of technology companies. That's who will benefit from dollars for data gathering along with the testing companies who will benefit from creating "better" more standardized tests.

All this taxpayer money being wasted to make the rich richer while a little basic common sense would go along way to improve the lives of children. Hypocrisy is obviously not limited to the personal lives of politicians.

Watch this video to see how the image and the reality has become intolerably wide.

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