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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Millot, Ravitch Joins In

  1. Marc Dean Millot's third piece is up, this one at Tuttle SVC. Rotherham must be the early frontrunner for Scrooge of the Year, an award he won just a few months ago.
  2. Ravitch's newest letter to Deb Meier is titled, "Conflicts of Interest and the Race to the Top". She touches on the Millot censorship, new philanthropy, and NSVF. Good stuff.
  3. The Imagine Schools and Inland Public Properties Properties, a Chicago-based real estate development company, closed a $61 million, 7 school deal. Imagine will still pay for maintenance, taxes, and insurance on the property, which makes the school a nice investment for Inland. No specifics were available, but it'd be interesting to see the rates Imagine will be paying - if it's anything like some of their other contracts, it'll be a hefty amount and a tight contract (this one is supposedly 20 years).

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