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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Georgia Charter Authorizers - Shades of FL

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
A pivotal case over money and power could chart the future for charter school approvals and unravel a network of state campuses.

The second round in a case over the local control of public education will be heard Tuesday. Lawyers for seven metro districts head to the Georgia Supreme Court to argue that a state board is illegally opening and funding charter schools.

Lawyers for Gwinnett County Public Schools and several other districts will ask the State Supreme Court to overturn a Fulton County Superior Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the Georgia Charter Schools Commission, and its authority to approve and fund charter schools including those local districts reject.

"The Constitution specifies that public education is under the management and control of county boards of education," said Thomas Cox, who is representing DeKalb and Atlanta Public Schools in the hearing. "To allow the state to say we are going to set up a charter school is basically undermining that local control."

Commission-approved charters receive federal and state dollars, plus a hotly debated share of local matching funds, which come from the state allocations of the school districts that lose students to charter schools. In May, Judge Wendy Shoob upheld the funding.

Continued here.  And read this if you don't get the "shades of FL" reference.

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