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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist Could Get Wisconsin Governor Recalled

Today tens of thousands marched and yelled in Madison, and thousands more took to the streets this evening after teaching all day.  Hundreds of high schoolers walked out in support of their teachers, and a Recall Scott Walker movement has been launched.  Democracy is on the move in Wisconsin, and the stakes include 9% pay cuts, loss of collective bargaining, benefit cuts, and job security. 

This is a coordinated conservative movement funded by the Koch Brother, the Club for Growth, who know what other slimeball operation.  The war on workers has just begun, but the Spirit of Cairo is alive and growing across America.  This time the corporate socialists have overplayed their hand.

From Reuters:
Republicans legislators hope to get the bill, announced by the new Republican governor last Friday, to Walker's desk by the end of the week. The office of the Republican legislative leaders say they have the votes for passage.

Republicans took over majority control of the Wisconsin legislature and won the governorship in the 2010 election.
Protesters chanted and held signs while the Joint Finance Committee heard testimony on the bill. The committee planned to go into the night to hear from hundreds signed up to speak.

Arlyn Halvorson, a farmer, highway worker and AFSCME member who is also president of the McFarland School Board near Madison, urged lawmakers to step back and take another look.

"It's one thing to do fiscal business and it's another to do political business and take people's rights away," he said. . . .

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  1. You go, brothers and sisters! Speaking as an Oregon progressive, we're proud of you.

    Yours in solidarity and fraternity,

    Dade Cariaga