"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tata and Tedesco's New High-Poverty Segregated Walnut Creek Elem. Bulging at the Seams

General Tata
When the resegregationist Gang of Five was elected in Wake County, NC in 2009, they set about to dismantle the most successful socioeconomic school integration plan in the U. S.  Fortunately, the voters of Wake County recently booted the Board Chair and three of his lieutenants, thus restoring sanity to educational decision making in Raleigh.

During the brief reign of the neo-racists, however, a new elementary school was completed to serve as the first full-scale return to segregated schooling in Wake County.   At a price tag of $25 million, the new Walnut Creek Elementary was designed with a capacity of 780 children.  On September 22 of this year, the enrollment was 111 over capacity with 891 students.  On October 4, the number was at 902.

All the while, Gen. Tata, the new Broadie superintendent picked by the Gang of Five, did nothing.  Today the enrollment at Walnut Creek is at 936, and according to a terrific report by Cash Michaels, the school was enrolling even more students as late as last week.

Where are all these students coming from?  They are coming from District 2, where Tea Party activist John Tedesco was elected two years ago on a platform of ending school diversity and a return to containment of black children in high-poverty schools.  You see, Tedesco's constituents at East Garner Elementary were eager to dump its poor and brown students from its rolls.  East Garner, with a capacity of 849 students now has 577 mostly white children whose parents are happy to follow the lead of their ethnically-cleansing rep, Little John Tedesco.

We must wonder if the new sane school board majority will allow the incompetent and callous Tata to continue demolishing the reputation of Wake County Schools.  Please read Cash Michaels' report.

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