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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Justin Oakley’s Pro-Public Education Radio Show Starts November 20, 2013

by Doug Martin

Douglas Storm’s 6pm Tuesday night Interchange program on WFHB in Bloomington has been one of the very few avenues where pro-public education advocates in Indiana have been able to voice their concerns. Now Hoosiers will be happy to know that Justin Oakley’s new radio show Just Let Me Teach will appear on Indiana Talks every Wednesday night from 9-10pm, starting tomorrow, November 20th. 
A veteran classroom teacher, Justin is best known for being the first one to challenge Tony Bennett for the Indiana supt. of public schools position and creating the Just Let Me Teach wristbands that are being worn by educators across the country and were even featured in the Washington Post Answer Sheet.  Check out the Just Let Me Teach facebook page and order the wristbands at this link.

You can find the life stream to Justin’s show online, or at TuneIn and Live 365.  Please tune in and let the station know that we support the show. 

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