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Friday, November 15, 2013

Nashville Metro Puts Brakes on Charter Expansion--CorpEd Spews

A clip from the Tennessean:

The Metro school board approved a plan Tuesday night effectively restricting the authorization of new charter schools next year to South Nashville or to schools tagged for three straight years of poor performance.
The resolution approved by the board requires all new charter schools to be located either within areas where schools are above 120 percent of capacity or in an existing school that spent three years under scrutiny as a “target” school.
“The board is clearly interested with focusing on developing a more thoughtful and strategic approach to how the district deploys charters in the future,” said Will Pinkston, the board member who sponsored the resolution. “Academic improvement is absolutely our top priority, but doing it in a way that’s fiscally sustainable for the system as a whole is important.”
The plan, approved 7-1 on Tuesday night, would restrict new charters to the geographic areas around overcrowded schools. Those include Glenview and Paragon Mills elementary school in the Glencliff High School cluster and neighborhoods near Tusculum, Haywood and Shayne elementary schools off Nolensville Pike. . . .

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