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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Now Posted Online: Doug Martin on Douglas Storm's WFHB Radio Show: Muckraking Education Politics

In case you missed it last night, here is the link to listen to Doug Martin and Douglas Storm discussing the corporate takeover of public schools last night on WFHB radio in Bloomington, Indiana:


This is from Storm's write-up on last night's show:

Martin is a native Hoosier who has been investigating Indiana’s “for profit” Education Politics for several years and will soon publish a book detailing these investigations called “Hoosier School Heist.”

Martin’s articles at Schools Matter get over 1,000 views on a regular basis. He offers readers facts rather just more opinions from one particular “side of the aisle,” he follows the money, and he names names: from the Indy Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, to politicians like Mitch Daniels and Tony Bennett, to the out in the open oligarchs at the Walton and Gates Foundations, to the lower level soldiers these groups plant on school boards and grant funding organizations and who write op-eds in local newspapers under the banner of independent “Policy Reviews.”  That is, Martin relentlessly exposes every evil practice and every evil act whether performed by politician or business person.

Here is the link to the show again:


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