"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, February 08, 2014

"All students are not equal; some are more profitable than others" --Parthenon Group

If you want to find some savvy teachers who are not afraid to speak out against their Broadie superintendent and corporate foundations that have bought Tennessee schools and the nation's schools at bargain basement prices, go to Knoxville.  

Here is special ed teacher, Robert Taylor, taking his five minutes at the Feb. 5 board meeting, and making it  count.  This is what free speech looks like--use it!

And here is the link the powerpoint presentation by Parthenon Group's Robert Lytle in 2009.  The quote in the title of this post is on page 13, which is below.

Parthenon is a chief consulting service and investment advisor for philanthrocapitalists, corporate foundations, and the online profiteers.  Why is their advice so reliable?  Because they are also advising the politicians and administrative stooges who are owned by the corporate foundations.  

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  1. Hi Jim, Thanks for publishing this presentation on your blog. Rob is one of the founding members of SPEAK, our new grassroots group in Knoxville fighting McTyrant and his compliant BoEd. (e.g., SPEAK: Students, Parents, & Educators Across Knox County.) Our first official action as SPEAK is this letter we sent to the Knox County Commission and our position on Parthenon- it includes Rob's brilliant presentation summarizing their profiteering (not included here due to character restrictions)

    To Knox County Commission:

    The members of SPEAK are concerned about the upcoming recommendations by The Parthenon Group for Knox County Schools. Our concerns are that these recommendations come from business and political interests, not parents, educators, students or other stakeholders who are part of the public school community.

    What’s behind Parthenon’s recent ‘resource analysis? A Knox County teacher presented the contents of a Parthenon Power Point to the Knox County School Board on Feb 5, 2014. This other Power Point was omitted from all other public Parthenon presentations. Parthenon is more interested in investor profiteering from public funding shenanigans, than in sound, effective school improvement strategies.

    SPEAK is concerned that pre-determined, backroom deals to advance investor profitability will not be made in our children’s best interests. The proof is in Parthenon’s own words. Sorting children according to their profitability is emblematic of exclusionary planning policies. It is immoral to silo our children into profits and losses on balance sheets. The ‘other’ Parthenon PowerPoint is attached for your information.
    [insert Rob's speech]

    SPEAK: Students, Parents, & Educators Across Knox County