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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Knoxville Letting Bids to Install Cameras in Classrooms?

From Tennessee Bid Network

Install Camera Systems in Each Classroom and Externally

Bid Date & Time: 02/03/14
Status: bidding  Report: 5382952
Country :United States   State: TN  County:
Location: Knoxville
Scope: Install camera systems in each classroom and externally.
Project Notes: Contractors must have $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance and $500,000 Workers Comp. All bidders are encouraged to visit the job sites to take their own measurements and review job site conditions prior to bidding.This solicitation has some or all federal funding, additional requirements may apply.This project has a
Plans: From Owner.
Owner Type: Public
Buyer: Telamon Corporation
Buyer Address: 6424 Baum
Buyer City: KnoxvilleBuyer State: TNBuyer Zip: 37919
Buyer Phone: 865-212-4011Buyer Phone Ext: 13Buyer Fax: 865-212-3631
Website: http://www.telamon.org
Buyer Contact Name: Mary Rains
Buyer Contact Phone: 865-212-4011Buyer Contact Phone Ext: 17
Bid Pkg Source: Telamon Corporation
Bid Pkg Source Address: 6424 Baum
Bid Pkg Source City: KnoxvilleBid Pkg Source State: TNBid Pkg Source Zip: 37919
Bid Pkg Source Phone: 865-212-4011Bid Pkg Source Phone Ext: 13Bid Pkg Source Fax: 865-212-3631
Website: http://www.telamon.org
Bid Pkg Source Contact Name: Mary Rains
Bid Pkg Source Contact Phone: 865-212-4011

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