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Saturday, February 08, 2014

No child left unconnected?

No child left without basic resources
Published in the Washington Post, Feb. 7. 2014

Before we worry about no child left unconnected to the Internet [“Broadband in schools gets FCC push,” news, Feb. 3], how about no child left unfed, no child without adequate health care and no child without easy access to a good library? The rate of child poverty in the United States is 23 percent, the second-highest of all economically advanced countries.
Stephen Krashen, Los Angeles

Major hat-tip: Susan Ohanian: "When congress passes No Child Left Unfed, No Child Without Health Care and No Child Left Homeless, then we can talk seriously about No Child Left Behind."

Levels of child poverty: UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (2012), ‘Measuring Child Poverty: New league tables of child poverty in the world’s rich countries’, Innocenti Report Card 10, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Florence.

Original article: article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/fcc-to-boost-fund-for-broadband-in-schools/2014/02/02/c17039e2-8c54-11e3-833c-33098f9e5267_story.html?tid=hpModule_88854bf0-8691-11e2-9d71-f0feafdd1394

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