"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Call Your State Senator Tomorrow in Tennessee

Local TV news in Knoxville has typical coverage below of the move by the TN House last week, which voted overwhelmingly to delay implementation of Common Core testing.

Note that Mike Edwards, who leads off the "fair and balanced coverage," is the President of Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, a Board of Director member of the Teneessee Business Roundtable, member of the U. S. Chamber of Horrors, and member of the State Board of Education.  Note, too, that no students, parents, or teachers were interviewed.

Call your state Senator tomorrow and simply tell her this:

Please vote with the majority of the TN House to delay implementation of Common Core testing in Tennessee.

Find your Senator here.

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