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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doug Martin on Justin Oakley's Show Tonight and Amazon

I will be joining Justin Oakley on his Just Let Me Teach radio show on Wednesday, March 26 from around 9:15 to 10:00 pm.  I will be discussing my book, Hoosier School Heist, which is now available at Amazon and details the Walton Family, Jeb Bush, New York hedge fund managers, the DeVos family of Amway fame, plagiarists, and Republican campaign donors who run charter schools in Indiana, just to name a few. 

Please turn in, and call, if you want to.  The  call-in phone number is 260-355-5151.

You can listen to the show at Indiana Talks here:  http://www.indianatalks.com/

If the live stream is not working, tune in at Tune In radio at this link and ignore any pop-ups that may appear on your screen.  It should start playing right away:


Here is a picture of Justin holding up Hoosier School Heist (illustrated by Theresa Rosado) in Florida:

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