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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ravitch Continues to Dissemble and Mislead on ESEA

Yesterday Diane Ravitch, who has been leading the lemmings to support Alexander's NCLB Lite, posted a letter by UOO on their position on ESEA.  Ravitch closed with this:
Senator Alexander conducted his first hearing on January 21 and plans another hearing on January 27. Senator Alexander proposed two options in  his draft legislation: option 1 was to replace annual testing with grade span testing; option 2 was to keep annual high-stakes testing (the status quo). UOO is opposed to high-stakes testing in the federal law, period. (So am I.)
What Ravitch does not say here is that her chum's "option 1" continues high stakes testing, just less of it (it's sort of like a law against half the murders committed).

What she does not say, either, is how she can be against high stakes testing and give full-throated support for legislation that provides another generation of high stakes testing.


  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Diane Ravitch just wants to sell more books. Diane Ravitch is no friend to teachers. Diane Ravitch only cares about Diane Ravitch's bank account and over inflated ego. Retire and stay home, Diane. I still remember when you backed Bloomberg and Joel Klein and I won't be forgiving you any time soon. NY teacher

  2. She actually writes

    "Senator Alexander offered two choices and only two choices: grade span testing or status quo. No test is not an option. He is writing the bill."