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Monday, January 26, 2015

Rudd's Secret Corporate Giveaway Program at U of Memphis Not So Secret Anymore

Below you will find the individual slides from the secret powerpoint prepared last July in preparation for the publicly funded corporate "teacher" prep progam that David Rudd arranged without any consultation with University of Memphis faculty, either outside or inside the College of Education.  

This program was planned in secret, and it involved handing over teacher preparation for the urban charter system of Memphis to two corporate bodies, the Relay Graduate School of Education and the The New Teacher Project (TNTP). 

The need for corporate "no excuses" teachers in Memphis has been manufactured by the continuing closure or turnover of public schools in Memphis to charter operators chosen by the Achievement School District from the lowest scoring and poorest schools in Shelby County.  

When schools are closed by ASD or turned over by Shelby County to their "Innovation Zone," teachers are fired and must reapply for their jobs.  

Of course, the new corporate operators do not want professionally prepared career teachers but, rather, the inexperienced beginners who have been trained as rigid guards who treat children more like prisoners than pupils.  These beginners will do three years before moving on to become CEOs of their own charter hell schools.

Explanations and comments are included below the slides.

See any discussion or input by the Shelby County Board of Education or by the faculty and staff of U of Memphis?  Didn't think so.  

As a result of annual firing of teachers as ASD claims public schools and new charters open up, "offerees" will have plenty of spots to choose from.  In fact, there will always be a bottom 5 percent of schools to convert.

Wondering who is going to pay the cost of this program?  Hint: it won't be Bill Gates.

That's right: this corporate program will be paid for with public dollars from a cash-strapped public university.

Need some extra funding to put in the pockets of the predators who run this program? Just take it from Title I or II funding.

Notice that administrative costs top instructional costs.

 More managers, analysts, coordinators, and directors than you can imagine.

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