"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The NCLB Band Is Back Together

Are you tired of federally mandated annual testing in your school?  If you are, the neocons and neolibs have joined forces once again in DC have a deal for you.  That's right--the band is back together!  And they're ready to kick out the jams from under that rickety uptight annual testing stage.  Sort of.

Leading off their set list is a song that tells the story of reducing the federal mandate for math and ELA to what is now required by NCLB for science: once in each level (3-5), (6-8), and (9-12). 

Buy your ticket today and you get the added bonus of a backstage pass where you can see the boys make allowances, nay encouragement, for annual testing to be mandated by states to take up the slack where the federal mandates leave off--or where the jams have kicked out, so to speak. 

Otherwise, there would be no device to assure the continued annual failures that feed the charter industry, which will continue to collect hundreds of millions in royalities under the new NCLB Lite. 

But wait, there's MORE!  With the new and improved NCLB Lite Act with mostly new players, states will have a free hand to take all of that Title I gate receipt money that never closed the achievement gaps, and now put it to good use.  How about a new cool voucher plan to give poor kids a chance to attend a Baptist Academy designed with their character and moral needs in mind?  Get down!

The possibilities are endless because, with the new NCLB Lite, there will be no possibility of onerous oversight by federal government.  The Man is no longer the Man, just the way that Strom Thurmond  sang about it in the old days! 

Sign up for the tour (soon to be announced), and you will be inspired to reach new levels, and who knows, you might decide to start your own local band to sing the many songs on the release. 

See NPE, FairTest, NEA, or AFT for details.

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