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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Interviewed by Doug Storm on "Interchange" at WFHB

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Interchange – “No Excuses” Schools: Broken Windows Theory Goes to School
March 1, 2016    Interchange, News, Public Affairs

I’m joined by author and educator Jim Horn to discuss his latest book, Work Hard, Be Hard: Journeys Through No Excuses Teaching. Horn explores the ideological contexts for the creation and spread of “no excuses” charter schools with a primary focus on the Knowledge Is Power Program or KIPP.

“No Excuses” means schooling that focuses on psychological interventions aimed to alter children’s neurological and behavioral schemas in order to affect socio-cultural values and behaviors. In corporate charter world it also means No Oversight.

Work Hard, Be Hard, examines the convergence of neoliberal politics and the aggressive activities of the business and philanthropic communities in modern education reform. Horn also explores Teach for America as the corollary organization supplying the labor force required to deal with the high levels of teacher attrition in these schools.

Jim Horn is Professor of Educational Leadership at Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA. He has published widely on theoretical and practical issues related to education, and with co-author, Denise Wilburn, he published The Mismeasure of Education in 2013. He also has been an education blogger at Schools Matter since 2005. Jim joins us via Skype this evening.

“The Headmaster Ritual” by the Smiths
“Gwan a School” by Sister Nancy
“We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)” by Peter Gabriel
“Starfish and Coffee” by Prince

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