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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Levine and Danielson to Open New CBE Franchise

 The academy for teaching and learning is backed by more than $7 million, including $2 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $3 million from the Amgen Foundation, and $2 million from the Wilson foundation. Mr. Levine said he hoped to eventually raise $30 million for the effort.
Art Levine has been a shill for corporate efficiency in educational leadership preparation for a long time, but with a new federal pot of gold about to be cracked open by ESSA, he and Charlotte Danielson, with the help of Bill Gates and some other vulture philanthropists, have staked their own claim on some of the teacher education territory that has been set aside for fattening the next generation's children of the poor.

Levine's scam will be centered at MIT, nonetheless, with some of the world's most geeky tech wizards keeping his kitchens humming.  As a direct competitor of Relay, Levine hope to trim the edges from Doug Lemov's square patty and add some a delicious breading and garnish provided by Charlotte Danielson's kitchen. Otherwise, Levin's new store promises to be the same pre-packaged fare that no one with an option for a real education would ever go for.  As with other fast fare, however, these products will be dirt cheap and readily available in poor communities where other sources of educational nutrition are not found or affordable.

And despite Levine's insistence that his kitchens will be trying out new recipes and sharing them around the country, his ingredients, outcomes, and methods are prescribed by those funding his kitchens.  Good luck, Art, Charlotte, and Bill. You'll need it.

Do take the 12 minutes required to hear Levine lay it all out.  From June 2015:

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