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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

There is Only One Issue: All the Rest Is Peripheral

At some point in the very near future, the people of the Earth must decide if they will continue to allow a handful of obscenely-wealthy individuals and their greedy henchmen to bring an end to human civilization and the extinction of most plants and animals of the planet.  
A clip from the NYTimes today: 
" . . . .If the results are anywhere near correct, and if emissions continue at a high level through the rest of this century, the long-term effect would likely be to drown the world’s coastlines, including many of its great cities.
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New York City is nearly 400 years old; in the worst-case scenario conjured by the research, its chances of surviving another 400 years in anything like its present form would appear to be remote. Miami, New Orleans, London, Venice, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia, are all near sea level and just as vulnerable as New York, or more so. . . ."

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