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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Simplest Reason to Support Bernie Sanders

I do not support Bernie Sanders for President because he will be able to accomplish even a fraction of the legislative agenda that he has already laid out.  I am sadly realistic enough to know that fossil energy interests and Wall Street banksters will continue to control the U. S. House and Senate.

Anyone who has read the science on global warming knows that we cannot wait for elections to decide our course of action to save the planet from greed, arrogance, and stupidity.  My reasons, then, for supporting Sanders are based on what I believe to be his commitment to life, rather than death.

The next President will be faced with tough decisions when the revolutionary advocates for continued life on Earth declare war against the death worshipers of Wall Street and Washington, DC. Whoever the President is at that time will be forced to choose between protecting the rights of people to live and the rights of vulture capitalists to benefit from the death of millions.

The political revolution, the environmental revolution, and the power upheaval that results will happen regardless of elections, either now or in the near future.  Life is much too tenacious for billions of people to simply drink the corporate kool-aid and allow themselves to be strangled by rapacious greed.

My reasons, simply stated, then: Sanders will allow the political and environmental revolution to happen sooner rather than later, which might, just might, make all the difference that the world could ever know.  We can't wait another generation for the protectors of the status quo to decide the fate of life on Earth.

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