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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Half of Long Island Students Opted Out of Testing Last Week

from the Wall Street Journal:
The number of students who opted out of state tests in Long Island rose to more than 97,500 this week, according to tallies by test-refusal advocates—or about half of the students in grades three through eight.

Long Island Opt Out, which has promoted the movement, said Friday it had volunteers cull numbers from officials and teachers in 124 districts this week. The group lacked data for six districts.
The group said the boycott grew from last spring, when it said 82,492 Long Island students opted out of at least one of the three days of English language arts exams. Next week will have three days of math tests. . . .

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  1. The local media is trying to say that it is more of a localized movement to Long Island, and spinning to say that the opt out moment i slower in the rest of the state than last year. Reports from the Lower Hudson Valley counties, however, indicate an increase from last year as well.