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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Proposes Boarding Schools for the Poor: KIPP is On It

Clinton loves testing, Common Core, segregated charter schools.  A new idea emerged during an interview last week: boarding schools. The boarding school idea has been pursued by the billionaires behind the KIPP movement in Camden, New Jersey.  In fact, another Republican, Chris Christie supported a bill allowing KIPP and their patrons to build dorms so that its students would be under 24-hour control:
The KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy, which plans to open as the state's first Renaissance school in 2014 in Camden, is trying to load up its toolbox in anticipation of its debut.

A bill introduced Thursday by State Sen. Donald Norcross (D., Camden) would amend the Urban Hope Act, which he sponsored in 2010 and Gov. Christie signed in January 2011, to allow:

A dormitory and related facilities for one school project per Renaissance school district.

A Renaissance school project to build its facilities within a two-mile radius of the site of the initial school.

A municipality, county, or county improvement authority to issue bonds to finance construction of a Renaissance school project.
Here is the clip with Hillary's supportive statement included: 
Over a couple of winding answers to pretty clear questions from Newsday, Clinton managed to show how much she knows while simultaneously saying nothing of value. As she noted in the interview, she’s previously discussed her support of charter schools, national education standards, universal pre-kindergarten, and creative solutions to solving the achievement gap. She didn’t elaborate on her more interesting ideas, As she brings up often, she helped found Eagle Academy, a chain of all-boys charter schools. She says she’d like to see more gender-specific schools, especially for impoverished students, and she also mentioned “boarding schools for poor kids.” Not sure what that last one is all about, and Clinton didn’t explain. Nor did she say how the federal government could go about encouraging such things or where funding might come from. She doesn’t elaborate on any of this on her website either. Her issue page on K–12 education includes just a couple of basic bullet points and a 30-second video of her giving a bland speech while B-roll of smiling children flashes across the screen.


  1. Clinton: we “need” to “experiment” with “boarding schools”?
    Segregate “poor” children in boarding schools, “if we can do it right”?


  2. Clinton doesn't know history either if she is For this. We have torn families apart by using boarding schools in This country already, based off of skin color and poverty. American Indians put up with this kind of crap for years! That Experiment has Already Failed!