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Monday, April 18, 2016

NPE Offers Platform (Again) for NEA and AFT

This year when Anthony Cody "interviewed" AFT and NEA vice-presidents at the latest NPE talkfest in Raleigh, he only appeared to be the imperious judge looming far above the witnesses.  Cody's job was a tough one, in fact: he had to appear skeptical of the official stories being spun by the corporate unions' TURN-supporting officers, while offering opportunities for AFT and NEA to say anything they wanted without being challenged.

As you listen to the "interview," you will come to understand why The Union Reform Network loves both of these individuals and why they have been sent into the NPE tent to offer the Broad message that unions can only work when they are run by management.

Both Pringle and Ricker have earned their stripes as #2 in NEA and AFT respectively.  Pringle served as the former NEA chief's brain in 2011 when NEA signed on to support the use of value-added test scores for teacher evaluations.  Pringle has also been active in supporting the new TURN chapters, wherever teachers can duped in thinking that supporting the Broad and Gates agenda is a good thing for teachers or children.  

At the founding of a new TURN chapter in Florida in 2013, Pringle served on a panel moderated by TURN kingpin, Adam Urbanski, whose leadership of TURN goes all way back to the days when Eli Broad publicly acknowledged the millions of dollars he was sending to create a new kind of corporate-friendly union. 
The panel theme of "The Political Landscape Impacting Educational Reform" included: 
Becky Pringle, NEA Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Castor-Dentel, FL State Representative
Melissa Erickson, Hillsborough Alliance for Public Schools
Vince Verges, FL Dept of Education
Dr. Adam Urbanski, TURN Director, as moderator.
The event was focused on ways to push Common Core to teachers in Florida.

Mary Cathryn Ricker's role in TURN has been even more visible.  During the Cody "interview," she refers repeatedly to when she was President of the St. Paul AFT affiliate.  In St. Paul, Ricker served as "primary liaison & spokesperson" for TURN.  Information regarding Ricker's association with TURN is now behind a TURN firewall.

Both Ricker and Pringle have been tapped to replace Randi and Lily when they float away on their golden parachutes.  Have a "listen" to the interview.  Fascinating theatre.

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