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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dubai, Gramma Bush, and Having "The COW"

Barbara Bush' insistence that her Katrina aid donation go to son, Neil's company, Ignite! Learning, has lit a firestorm of resentment against the webs of corruption and arrogance of the Bush dynasty.

Josh Marshall has a list of contributors to Neil's venture, and it is becoming clear that a gift to Neily was an un-subtle attempt to curry favor from the Bush Administration. A quick Google search this morning turned up this story from WorldNetDaily that does nothing to reduce such suspicion:
Investors from the United Arab Emirates helped fund the $23 million Neil Bush raised for Ignite!, the learning systems company that holds lucrative No Child Left Behind Act contracts in Florida and Texas. The "Cow" is an Ignite! portable computer designed to work in a classroom, providing interactive instruction aimed at improving students' scores on standardized tests. If you loved Billy Carter and "Billy Beer," you're certain to love Neil Bush and the "Ignite! Cow."

Above is a pic of the centerpiece of Neil's product line, "The COW." With built-in projector, curriculum content, and script for teachers, anyone who can fill out a Wal-Mart application can become a teacher overnight with this miracle contraption:
Ignite! Learning is thrilled to introduce you to The COW (Curriculum On Wheels), a program designed to let you deliver lessons in the same way professional presenters do. The COW (including computer, projector, and speakers) comes pre-loaded with all of Ignite!'s Science or Social Studies courses. You just plug it in and start teaching!

And here is a clip from the outline of the Social Studies Curriculum. Wonder what messages could be conveyed in some of these highlighted chapters?

Understanding Our Democracy -The Rights and Responsibilities of the
Citizen 1787-Present
Three Branches
States' Rights
The Influences of Factions
The Electoral Process
Constitutional Amendments
How a Bill Becomes a Law
The Individual vs the State
Limited Freedom of Speech
Sacrificing for the Greater Good

The Media
Protest and Civil Disobedience

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